Preserving 100-year old stained glass

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV On July 3, 1881, the Ronceverte Presbyterian Church was organized as an outpost of the Old Stone Presbyterian Church in Lewisburg, WV. Dr. M.L. Lacy served as Pastor at Old Stone and led the commission to establish the Ronceverte church. Up until that time, Dr. Lacy had been preaching in Ronceverte […]

ASH WEDNESDAY SERMON: Doesn’t Jesus say not to show off?

Rev. Stephen Baldwin NT: Matthew 6.1-6, 16-21 Ministers are criticized, usually fairly, for not practicing what we preach. (What human does? But that’s another sermon.) So after reading that passage where Jesus says not to practice your piety in front of others to be seen, I decided it might be hard to preach that and […]

SUNDAY SERMON: Blending in at Christmas

Rev. Stephen Baldwin NT: Luke 1.26-38 There are two kinds of people in the world–those who sit on the front pew, and those who sit on the back pew. That’s it. Everyone who sits in the middle is there because the front and back pews were already taken.  What does that say about us? It […]

SUNDAY SERMON: Mixed Messages

Rev. Stephen Baldwin NT: John 1.6-8, 19-28 Mixed Messages  Several years ago, Kerry and I trudged uphill, through the snow, a whole ten yards out the front door to watch the Ronceverte Christmas parade in our front yard. One particular float caught our attention.  A disclaimer first.  It was dark.  It was raining.  And there […]

Candlelight service in Ronceverte on Sunday, Dec 17

By RealWV staff, At 5:30pm on December 17, Ronceverte Presbyterian will host the annual community candlelight service.  “The church has been hosting this beautiful service for decades,” said Rev. Stephen Baldwin. “It’s an annual tradition and we hope folks will join us for carols, the Christmas story, and a meaningful worship service.”  Special music from […]

SUNDAY SERMON: Minutes & Moments

Rev. Stephen Baldwin OT: Isaiah 40.1-11 NT: 2 Peter 3.8-15a  There are two kinds of time in the New Testament–kairos and chronos.  Chronos is clock time–seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, chronological time. Kairos is God’s time–measured in meaning and significance, not numbers.  Chronos is quantitative. Kairos is qualitative.  Chronos is about minutes. Kairos is about […]

SUNDAY SERMON: No time for judgment

Rev. Stephen Baldwin  NT: Matthew 25.31-46 C.S. Lewis wrote, “Our life comes to us moment by moment. One moment disappears before the next comes along: and there is room for very little in each. That is what time is like.” Moment by moment, and there is room for very little in each. Doesn’t that ring […]

Free meal on Saturday in Ronceverte

By RealWV staff, The community is invited to attend a free meal this Saturday from 4-6pm in Ronceverte. Located at 261 Locust Street, Ronceverte Presbyterian Church began offering these meals in early 2023 on the fourth Saturday of each month. The menu for this weekend’s meal includes turkey pot pie, cranberry sauce, and pie. Guests […]

SUNDAY SERMON: Use It or Lose It

Rev. Stephen Baldwin  NT: Matthew 25.14-30 For the past nine weeks, I’ve been doing something I never, ever thought I’d do. Jiu jitsu. It’s a martial art that involves ground-based combat. Never have I been so bruised, battered, and sore. Every week, I discovered new muscles I never knew I had. First my back was […]

SUNDAY SERMON: What is holiness?

Rev. Stephen Baldwin OT: Leviticus 19.1-2, 15-18 NT: Matthew 22.34-46 I’m going to do something today most preachers have NEVER done. Are you ready? Are you sure? You probably won’t like it… I’m going to preach on LEVITICUS! What some people think is one of the most boring books of the Bible.  “Isn’t that the […]