Robert C. Byrd Clinic Hosts Cardiac Clinic for Student Athletes

PRESS RELEASE Are you a student athlete gearing up for the new season? Get ready to hit the field, court, or track with confidence! Don’t miss the FREE Student Athlete Cardiac Clinic held in collaboration with several local providers on Saturday, May 4 from 9am to 12pm at Rainelle United Methodist Church (617 Kanawha Ave,Rainelle, […]

Health Fair in Lewisburg on Thursday

PRESS RELEASE Robert C. Byrd Clinic and Race Matters, Inc. are hosting a Health Fair on Thursday, October 12th from 4:30-6:30pm in the East Wing waiting room at Robert C. Byrd Clinic. The event is free and open to the public. Attendees will have the opportunity to enter for a $100 Visa Gift Card and […]

Flu Shot Clinic at Robert C. Byrd Clinic

Robert C. Byrd Clinic will be offering a convenient Flu Shot Clinic on Thursday, October 5. It will be held at their Lewisburg location from 5-7pm. Though the event will be hosted by ourPediatrics department, anyone six months or older is encouraged to come and receive theirvaccination. Flu Shots are free for those with Medicare […]

Mobile Clinic coming to Farmer’s Market this Saturday

mobile clinic

By RealWV staff, The Robert C. Byrd Mobile Clinic will be setup at the Farmer’s Market in the clinic parking lot Saturday morning from 8AM-12PM. Available services include: blood pressure checks, glucose checks, immunizations, and home test kits. Walk-ins are welcome.

Q: What triggers my headaches, & how can I find relief from them?

Q: “I’m always getting headaches. What are some simple things I can try to get rid of them?” A: Headaches can be somewhat bothersome for many people.  Managing a headache depends on the possible cause.  The most common reasons for headaches include dehydration,  stress, poor sleep,  allergies, poor diet, caffeine, or migraines.  Identifying the cause […]

ASK THE DOC: How helpful are multivitamins?

QUESTION: How helpful are multivitamins? ANSWER: Growing up in rural West Virginia, I was taught that everyone should take a multivitamin for adequate health. In fact, for a period in the ‘70s, there were recommendations in the media to take large doses of many water-soluble vitamins to prevent disease. It seemed that there was a […]

ASK THE DOC–How to handle bullying?

QUESTION: Bullying is negatively impacting the mental health of my children. What resources should I look into?   ANSWER: Bullying is intentionally aggressive behavior that occurs within the context of an imbalance of power or strength. It is repeated behavior that can be physical, verbal or social. Boys may bully others physically while girls often bully […]

Maternal smoking declines nationwide, W.Va. still #1

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV February 6, 2023 According to data released last week by the National Center for Health Statistics, the number of mothers who smoked during their pregnancy declined drastically over the last five years.  In 2016, 7.2% of all pregnant mothers nationwide smoked. By 2021, that fell to 4.6%. Overall, that represents a […]