Dalton Cline

Publisher’s note: This week, hear from our certified Real West Virginian of the Week in his own words. Dalton Cline is not only in recovery himself, but he’s working with others to ensure they know recovery is real. We are pleased to highlight his good work! My name is Dalton Cline, and I am an alcoholic. My […]

Why Healing Appalachia decided to stay in WV for 2024 & what to expect this year

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV After rumors swirled in 2023 that Healing Appalachia was moving to Kentucky, organizers of the benefit concert announced recently that the famed festival will return to the Greenbrier Valley on September 19-21, 2024.  “The bottom line is our community supports us,” says Charlie Hatcher, Program Director for Healing Appalachia. “We’re doing […]

Clement Johnson

Clement Johnson is a man on a mission. 145 days ago, he lived on the street, in the woods, in abandoned houses, wherever he could lay his head. He wasn’t working. He was just surviving. As of today, he’s 144 days sober, and he feels a responsibility to help others on the road to recovery […]

‘Arts in Recovery’ program showcases work at Carnegie Hall

By Jeffrey Kanode for RealWV, Artist and teacher Sean O’Connell calls clay “humbling but challenging material.” It exists everywhere, and like people, he said, it’s malleable. He describes working with clay as “a dance. You do your part, and the clay does its part.” Thanks to a creative collaboration, O’Connell just taught this transforming art […]

Brooks holds dream job as recovery advocate

By Jeffrey Kanode, for RealWV Today, Cherith Brooks works as a Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist through Seneca Health Services. When someone enters Seneca’s Crosswinds Center for drug detox,  she labors to find that person a place in a long term recovery program. Some yesterdays ago, though, Brooks was drowning, immersed in the darkness and […]

God’s Way Home

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV Andrew Bailes drove from Rainelle to Leivasy to pray for a year straight. “I might’ve missed 4 or 5 days all year,” he confesses.  Andrew prayed with a small group asking God how they could help people struggling with addiction? Those prayers led to conversations with the local Day Report Center […]

Mike Bone

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think Mike Bone had cloned himself. He is everywhere! Always helping, always supporting, always encouraging. He and his wife of 34 years, Kim, have two two children in reside in Oak Hill. Mike founded Warm Hands from Warm Hearts in 2013. It began with gathering hats and gloves […]