HEALTH QUESTION: How can I start healthier eating habits for my kids?

September is national Childhood Obesity Month. The following question was asked by a parent and answered by a local medical professional, in hopes of raising awareness during this important month. QUESTION: Kids can be very picky eaters. How can I start healthier eating habits with them? Or making adjustments to their diets when they’ve adopted […]

Mobile Clinic coming to Farmer’s Market this Saturday

mobile clinic

By RealWV staff, The Robert C. Byrd Mobile Clinic will be setup at the Farmer’s Market in the clinic parking lot Saturday morning from 8AM-12PM. Available services include: blood pressure checks, glucose checks, immunizations, and home test kits. Walk-ins are welcome.

Q: What triggers my headaches, & how can I find relief from them?

Q: “I’m always getting headaches. What are some simple things I can try to get rid of them?” A: Headaches can be somewhat bothersome for many people.  Managing a headache depends on the possible cause.  The most common reasons for headaches include dehydration,  stress, poor sleep,  allergies, poor diet, caffeine, or migraines.  Identifying the cause […]

ASK THE DOC–How to handle bullying?

QUESTION: Bullying is negatively impacting the mental health of my children. What resources should I look into?   ANSWER: Bullying is intentionally aggressive behavior that occurs within the context of an imbalance of power or strength. It is repeated behavior that can be physical, verbal or social. Boys may bully others physically while girls often bully […]

ASK THE DOC–How can I help my family member struggling with addiction?

QUESTION: My family member needs help with substance use disorder. What do you suggest? ANSWER As an initial action, I would recommend they get established with a primary care provider that operates the practice with a Patient Centered Medical Home model. This is a designation that signifies that the clinic provides comprehensive care to patients […]