ASH WEDNESDAY SERMON: Doesn’t Jesus say not to show off?

Rev. Stephen Baldwin NT: Matthew 6.1-6, 16-21 Ministers are criticized, usually fairly, for not practicing what we preach. (What human does? But that’s another sermon.) So after reading that passage where Jesus says not to practice your piety in front of others to be seen, I decided it might be hard to preach that and […]

SUNDAY SERMON: ‘Listen to him’

Rev. Stephen Baldwin OT: 2 Kings 2.1-12 NT: Mark 9.2-9 Mountains are where the heavens meet the earth. Think about all the Biblical stories which occur on mountains. Mount Sinai, where God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. Mount Olive, where Jesus prayed before his death. Mount Zion, which became the city of David. Sermon on […]

BACK PEW–Halftime at the capitol 

back pew baldwin

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV It’s halftime at the capitol. The legislative session hit the 30-day mark on Friday, leaving legislators with another month to complete their work.  While the headlines are filled with cultural controversies, most of those bills will have little impact on the lives of most West Virginians. In this week’s column, we’ll […]

SUNDAY SERMON: The unnamed disciple

Rev. Stephen Baldwin OT: Isaiah 40.21-31 NT: Mark 1.29-39 Next week is the Super Bowl! And while everyone is talking about the superstar players who will show up in the highlight reels, games are often won and lost in small moments by lesser known players. A deflection here or a catch there…that builds momentum and […]

BACK PEW–Do as I say, not as I do 

Feb 1, 2024 By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV The first thing long-time legislators told me about life under the dome was, “Your integrity is all you have.” That rang true to me, as a lifelong West Virginian. When an Appalachian gives their word, it means something important to them and the person to whom they give […]

In defense of snow days

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV It’s all a matter of perspective.  When a kid hears school is called off due to snow, they rejoice, thinking of all the good things that means–sleeping in, sledding, and hot chocolate.  When a parent hears school is called off due to snow, they lament, thinking of all the potential problems […]

SUNDAY SERMON: You are my beloved

Rev. Stephen Baldwin NT: Mark 1.4-11 This time of year, I always wish we knew more about the early life of Jesus. What were his first words? How did he do in school? Did he pray? Was he a rascal who had walked on water before the storm in the sea with the disciples?  There […]

SUNDAY SERMON: Imagined Enemies

Stephen Baldwin  OT: Isaiah NT: Matthew 2.1-12 Imagined Enemies  What scares you? When I was a kid, the thing that scared me more than anything else…was clowns. This persisted well into my 20s! I refused to be in proximity to a clown. Just couldn’t do it. Never, ever trust a clown. Maybe I’m alone in […]

SUNDAY SERMON: The child goes to church

Rev. Stephen Baldwin NT: Luke 2.22-40 When Mary and Joseph took the baby Jesus into the temple to be circumcised and dedicated, he was only a few days or weeks old. That’s when people brought their newborns to the temple for ritual purification–sometime between eight and forty days after their birth. Mary and Joseph were […]