By Rev. Stephen Baldwin OT: Isaiah 6.1-8 NT: John 3.1-17 When I was 13, I met Shaquille O’Neal. The 7’1”, 325 pound giant of a basketball player, better known as Shaq. He was so big and famous and cool that I was frozen like a popsicle that’s been at the back of the freezer for […]

SUNDAY SERMON: The Spirit of Adoption

By Rev. Stephen Baldwin NT: Romans 8.14-17 GOSPEL: John 14.8-17, 25-27 Being a parent has changed me in many ways. It used to be that I could walk through the house in the dark, because I knew where everything was. Now, if I try and walk through the house in the dark, I will literally […]

BACK PEW: What do the primary election results mean? 

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After fifteen months of covering the primary races in West Virginia, what did we learn? West Virginia continues to turn deeper red, as expected, with a few small exceptions. RIGHT TURN. The governor’s race was always about which of the four main candidates could best appeal to the right wing of state party voters. Patrick Morrisey […]

SUNDAY SERMON: Stuck in a rut?

Rev. Stephen Baldwin OT: Psalm 98 NT: John 15.9-17 Do you ever get stuck in a rut? Try having to write a sermon…every…single…week. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut!  But it’s not just sermons; I get stuck in all kinds of ruts. If it weren’t for Kerry, I would eat the same thing […]

SUNDAY SERMON: A ride-or-die friend

By Rev. Stephen Baldwin OLD TESTAMENT: Psalm 133 NEW TESTAMENT:  John 20.19-31 When Jesus arrives, Thomas is gone. Where did he go?  In the days and weeks after Jesus’ death, the disciples were hunkered down and locked up inside. Because they were afraid. The Romans killed Jesus, and the disciples didn’t want to be next.  […]


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By Rev. Stephen Baldwin OT: 1 Kings 19.9-15 NT: Matthew 14.22-33 Faith & Fear  AUTHOR’S NOTE: This sermon was delivered at my college reunion at Queens University of Charlotte this weekend. Grace and peace to you all, who were shaped by this place and the motto that guided us, “Not be served, but to serve.”  […]


By Rev. Stephen Baldwin OT: Jeremiah 31.31-34 NT: John 12.20-33          The days are growing longer.  The grass is greening.  The robins have returned. Sunlight floods the windows until after seven in the evening.  Isn’t it glorious!  These can only be signs of one thing: Allergens.   Soon enough, those of us with allergies will be […]

SUNDAY SERMON: What happens when we die?

By Rev. Stephen Baldwin NEW TESTAMENT: John 3.14-21 I love a good backstory. Don’t you? For example, everybody knows the famous song “I Will Always Love You” originally written and performed by Dolly Parton, later sung by Whitney Houston. But did you know the backstory?  Dolly was on Porter Wagoner’s show, and they were the […]

SUNDAY SERMON: Turning over tables

By Rev. Stephen Baldwin OT: Exodus 20.1-17 NT: John 2.13-22 Being a creature of habit, nothing chaps my lips more than change. Especially meaningless change. Which, let’s be honest, is most forms of change.  When they moved my favorite cookie dough to a new spot in the refrigerated section of the grocery store, way down […]

BACK PEW: A $500 million question looms over the legislature’s final week

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March 2, 2024 One week of the current legislative session remains. Here are a few looming issues to keep an eye on over the last seven days.  $500 MILLION QUESTION. A $500 million question looms over the legislature, governor’s office, and the future. This week, state officials disclosed that the federal government may “clawback” nearly […]