By Rev. Stephen Baldwin NT: John 11.1-45 This week’s story is the death of Lazarus. One of my absolute favorite stories. It contains the shortest verse in the Bible. “Jesus wept.” What made Jesus cry?  Well let me ask you a question: When you cry, what leads you to that point? Usually it’s not just […]

THE SUNDAY SERMON–A change for good

By Rev. Stephen Baldwin OT: Psalm 23 NT: John 9.1-41 One day during my first year in the House of Delegates, a lawyer from the governor’s office came to my office.  He was carrying a huge stack of folders.   Uh oh, I thought.  What have I done? Who did I anger this time? What law […]

SUNDAY SERMON—The woman at the well

By Rev. Stephen Baldwin John 4.1-52 So I went to WalMart this week. Not a good decision. But that’s beside the point. I was back in the electronics section waiting in line. There was this big rack of DVDs beside me, which struck me, because…that many people still watch DVDs? There was a whole row […]

SUNDAY SERMON–Unprepared & Overwhelmed

Rev. Stephen Baldwin OLD TESTAMENT: Genesis 2.15-17, 3.1-7 NEW TESTAMENT: Matthew 4.1-11 When Jesus went into the unknown wilderness, he seemed so prepared.  Like fasting that long was water off his back.  No problem.  And when the accuser tried to throw him for a loop, he seemed so underwhelmed.  Like he already knew the temptations […]

SUNDAY SERMON–‘Sometimes things get really scary before they get holy’

By Rev. Stephen Baldwin NT: Matthew 17.1-8 Today’s story is strange.  Seriously strange.  But…you know what?  We just lived through a pandemic and the government shot down three UFOs last week. The way things have been going lately, that ought to make us feel right at home with it.   This is a strange, but…you know […]

THE SERMON: Feb 5, 2023

By Rev. Stephen Baldwin, Ronceverte Presbyterian Church OT: Isaiah 58.1-12 NT: Matthew 5.13-20 Sermons on this passage usually start at the beginning–salt of the earth, light of the world, city on a hill. We will get there, but I’m going to start at the end, because the end completely changes everything we think about the […]