BACK PEW–The Twilight Zone

Column by Stephen Baldwin, One time during debate on the Senate floor, I referred to the legislative session as “the twilight zone.” Because nothing makes sense there. This week’s news proves the point.  EQUAL DOES NOT MEAN EQUAL. The House of Delegates passed a “women’s bill of rights” that doesn’t appear to secure women any […]

Justice asks court to delay Sporting Club sale 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV On Valentine’s Day, lawyers for the Justice Companies filed a motion for preliminary injunction seeking to stop a planned sale of The Greenbrier Sporting Club properties. Citing “this community’s economic well-being,” the legal filing argues that Carter Bank & Trust is racing too quickly and would injure the residents of the […]

BACK PEW–Halftime at the capitol 

back pew baldwin

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV It’s halftime at the capitol. The legislative session hit the 30-day mark on Friday, leaving legislators with another month to complete their work.  While the headlines are filled with cultural controversies, most of those bills will have little impact on the lives of most West Virginians. In this week’s column, we’ll […]

Honaker acting as Inspector General despite being constitutionally-ineligible

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV Late last week, at a meeting of the Jails & Prisons Committee, the agenda included a presentation by: “Mike Honaker, Inspector General – WV Department of Homeland Security.”  Numerous media outlets reported on the meeting and referred to Honaker by the title of Inspector General. Yet, as previously reported by RealWV, […]

BACK PEW–Do as I say, not as I do 

Feb 1, 2024 By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV The first thing long-time legislators told me about life under the dome was, “Your integrity is all you have.” That rang true to me, as a lifelong West Virginian. When an Appalachian gives their word, it means something important to them and the person to whom they give […]

BACK PEW: The Rabbit Hole 

back pew baldwin

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV January 26, 2024 One day when I was mindlessly scrolling through some videos on my phone, a silly video purporting to be an alien encounter popped up on my screen. Against my better judgment, I watched it.  There was literally nothing to see, but the next time I opened my phone […]

BACK PEW: Politics is outweighing policy so far this session

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV January 21, 2024 While legislative leadership is talking publicly about bread & butter issues like child care and economic development, the tenor of this legislative is much different on a day to day basis. Why is that? In this week’s column, I dive into the politics, rather than the policies, that […]

Numerous campaigns report contributions above the legal limit, say they will amend filings

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV West Virginia state election law allows citizens to donate up to $2,800 in the primary and another $2,800 in the general election to candidates for office. Yet the latest round of campaign finance reports posted by several candidates includes reported contributions above the legal limit. Ashley Deem Judicial candidate Ashley Deem’s […]

Skaff brings huge war chest to Sec of State race 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV Seven candidates, all Republicans, have declared their candidacy to be the state’s next top election official. Kris Warner is the newest candidate and is expected to be a formidable campaigner. But Doug Skaff enters the race with a huge war chest that gives his candidacy an added financial dimension no other […]

Hanna raises money across nation while Householder focuses on WV in auditor’s race

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV In early January, Caleb Hanna resigned from the House of Delegates. He said he wanted to focus his full attention on a run for State Auditor. What does the Auditor do? Serve as the state’s official bookkeeper.  Hanna’s primary opponent, fellow Republican Delegate Eric Householder, blasted him for quitting one political […]