Making a splash in The River City

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

As a child growing up in Greenbrier County, I loved coming to Ronceverte for fishing, swimming in the pool, and playing the putt-putt course. These days, kids don’t have those same opportunities. The pool closed down years ago, as did the putt-putt course. 

One day last summer, I took my son to the splash pad in Lewisburg. He loved it, as did the other kids playing in the summer sun! I thought to myself, “Boy, I wish we could have something like this in Ronceverte.” 

So I called Mayor Deena Pack, applied for state economic development funds, received support from the city council, and we got to work.  

Pictured above is the slab in December 2022 located near the entrance of Ronceverte Island Park.

The contractor broke ground and laid a concrete slab this fall. The splash pad will contain ten water features including a barrel soaker, rain wand, squirters, and more. Citizens may use the splash pad free of charge. A fence will be built around the concrete slab for safety and security. The monument to Mr. Boone will be repaired and repositioned to honor his memory. 

Won’t it be wonderful to see the splash pad busy with kids this summer! But it isn’t just for kids; parents, grandparents, and guardians are of course welcome to join their children at the splash pad. 

According to City Manager Pam Mentz, construction on the water features themselves will begin once weather breaks in the spring. The specific water features can be swapped out year-to-year if needed. 

Steve Williams attended training in Morgantown earlier this year and is certified to operate the splash pad. Parking is available along the entrance road and in front of the playground. Speaking of the playground, repairs are planned for it soon as well! The entire Island Park is undergoing a revitalization with the dog park, splash pad, Skyline Music Festival, and other potential outdoor recreation projects thanks to the work of the City Council, Mayor Deena Pack, and the new Parks & Recreation Committee. 

This will be a huge draw for Ronceverte! We are all so excited to help make a splash in the River City. 


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