Historic Ronceverte home to reopen as The Hollerwood House

PRESS RELEASE from the Greater Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce

Ronceverte residents have long admired the grey home tucked behind the pine trees on the
corner of Main and Walnut streets. The house, the oldest in Ronceverte built by Thomas Edgar
who founded Ronceverte, was a thriving bed and breakfast before the Covid-19 pandemic and
is now stepping into it’s next iteration as an event space.

Guests to the Hollerwood House will be treated to the tranquility of the holler with the vibe and
style of the West Coast. Chris and Jorge Rodriguez-Stanley are thrilled to open the doors to
host events from book clubs to fitness classes to wedding rehearsal dinners to baby showers.
“I grew up coming to his house and it has been updated a couple times since,” said Chris. “I
am so excited to be part of the next update to the house and property. We want this to be a
place for the community. A place where you can come wearing sweatpants for a fitness class,
your pajamas for a movie night, or dressed to the nines for your best friends wedding.”
While the rooms are available to rent, including as part of events, the couple says that the bed
and breakfast aspect of the house will be relaunching later this year. Food will be provided to
the Hollerwood House by the RNCVRT Cafe, which is coming soon.

The two business owners have been working behind the scenes to get both businesses off the
ground while bringing a new feel to the spaces once occupied by The Edgarton Cafe and The
Edgarton Inn.

“We are so excited to finally let everyone see everything we have been working on all these
months,” says Chris. “We want to bring something that residents of Ronceverte can enjoy while
being true to our aesthetic. Ronceverte is on the rise and it feels so special to be a part of it.”
People interested in hosting events at the Hollerwood House can email

Some of the event packages available include:
Rehearsal Dinners
Book Clubs
Baby Showers
Slumber Parties
Movie Nights
Fitness Classes
Book Signings
Holiday Parties/Dinners
fit Gatherings
Private Parties

Jorge & Chris Rodriguez-Stanley on the steps of Ronceverte’s oldest home, being rebranded as The Hollerwood House. Photo by Stephen Baldwin.

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