New local delivery service now available

By RealWV Staff

Bethany Peake knows people are busy these days. Some people also lack regular transportation. So she decided to start a new business connecting people with the things they need. 

It’s called Cool Cats Delivery. She delivers everything from fast food to home improvement supplies to local residents in the Greenbrier Valley. 

“There’s nothing like this around here,” Bethany explains. “Wherever the customer needs something, I can go.”  She says she’s been everywhere from local food spots like Corn & Flour to WalMart to AutoZone to Tractor Supply for her customers. 

How does it work, you may ask? Customers download the Dumpling app on their phone. Connect with Bethany via the app. Place your order. Pay for the item and delivery. And shortly thereafter, she arrives at your door with the item. 

“There’s a delivery fee in the app,” she says, “and I keep that as low as possible because I know times are tough. People can also add a tip if they want.” 

Why is she offering this business? “Seeing their face light up when I come to the door is what it’s all about,” she tells The RealWV. “I used to work night shift, and that’s hard. I want to be able to help people who just don’t have the time or transportation to do what they need to do.” She has also added some late night slots to her schedule in the app to assist folks working the night shift.

Bethany generally operates from 10am-8pm during the week and as needed on the weekends. She lives on Butler Mountain in Renick with her husband, three kids, three cats, and a dog in a house her father built. 

If you want to work with her Cool Cats Delivery service, download the Dumpling app and follow the on-screen prompts.


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