Katie Collins

Katie Collins smiles warmly and laughs freely as she talks with her friends, but the rising senior from James Monroe High School can only be described as intense when it comes to running. In this spring’s track season, Katie shattered three records in the Maverick stats book–for the  1600 meter run, the 3200 meter run, and the 4 X 8 meter relay. She broke the 3200 meter record by over a minute.

“She is a special young lady who is passionate about running,” said Christina Allen, one of James Monroe’s track coaches and the school’s art teacher. “Katie is an extremely ambitious athlete with a kind personality. She’s an absolute pleasure to be around.”

The youngest of three siblings, but the only runner in her family, Katie reflects that she has loved running since early in her childhood. “I’ve always loved it, since I was a little kid. I thought it’d be fun to join a track team, just to run.” She has been running competitively for three years.

Katie was the Coalfield Conference Single A top individual girl as a junior, and she has competed strongly in the state championship tournament every year, particularly in the 4 X 8 meter relay her sophomore season. She has also played on the Lady Maverick basketball and soccer teams, and she runs cross country. Though she happily competes in other sports, running seems to be Katie’s athletic passion.

“It makes me feel…how do I describe it? It makes me excited in a way. Running makes me happy. It’s my escape. If I am feeling stressed, it is in my escape,” she said.

Whether she is pursuing happiness or she’s chasing a momentary escape from stress, when Katie Collins runs, the school record book ends up getting an update.

For her kind spirit and her competitive edge as she runs down  dreams and breaks school records, Katie Collins is the certified Real West Virginian of the Week.

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