CAMC to offer free parking beginning October 1

Coming to the hospital to see a doctor, have a procedure performed or to visit a hospitalized loved one can be stressful.

CAMC wants to take some of that stress away by offering free parking.

Travel can be a burden in West Virginia. Our patients and visitors sometimes drive several miles and hours to get to CAMC. This can mean a lot of expenses for things like gas and tolls. CAMC’s free parking removes some of that financial burden on our community.

Beginning Oct. 1, patients and visitors to CAMC Women and Children’s Hospital and the physicians’ offices and CAMC Outpatient Surgery Center, 1220 Lee Street East, will no longer have to pay to park.

Anyone who has pre-purchased parking passes and would like to request a refund can go to to print and complete a form and present it to the cashier inside CAMC General Hospital. Cashiers also have forms. People will need to return unused parking passes when requesting refunds. The deadline to request a refund is Feb. 29, 2024.

Beginning Nov. 1, free parking will be extended to CAMC General and Memorial hospitals’ garages.

These parking changes are happening in phases to better manage the process.

Valet service will still be offered at CAMC General and Memorial hospitals for $7.


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