Clement Johnson

Clement Johnson is a man on a mission.

145 days ago, he lived on the street, in the woods, in abandoned houses, wherever he could lay his head. He wasn’t working. He was just surviving.

As of today, he’s 144 days sober, and he feels a responsibility to help others on the road to recovery in the Meadow River Valley. He has personally helped 25 people get into recovery during the last 144 days.

What’s the secret to his success?

It has been a whirlwind experience for him over the last year. He went to detox, got a job, saved his money, and found an apartment. “Didn’t use to have a car neither,” he recalls, “but I got one of them now too.”

This fall, he plans to begin working at Seneca Health Services in the recovery field so he can continue to help others.

“The addicts trust me,” he says. “They see that I’m doin’ good so they figured they’d do good.”

Clement wants others to realize that “addiction is not prejudiced; it affects everyone. Lawyers, cops, the elderly.” And the way he thinks we can make a positive impact on the community is by loving people. “Showing you care is the most important thing.”

Clement has learned about available resources and spends his spare time taking people to rehabilitation/detox and educating them on their options for employment, housing, and more.

For his personal commitment to his own health and his drive to love his neighbors in recovery, we are proud to name Clement Johnson as the certified Real West Virginian of the Week.

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