Greenbrier Commission approves one 911 center system upgrade, postpones two others

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

In a short meeting on Friday afternoon, the Greenbrier County Commission approved a $685,619 contract with Motorola for upgrades to the 911 center’s communications systems. The contract will provide for an update to the county’s VESTA system, which has been in place since 2016 but has not been updated since. 

At a previous meeting, system administrator Jordan Clendenen said the VESTA equipment currently in use by the county is approximately seven-years-old, with a required upgrade now two years past due. 

Residents currently pay a county 911 fee of $2/month. Commissioners did not address whether that fee will need to change as a result of the new contract. The motion, made by Commissioner Lowell Rose, passed unanimously. 

Two additional 911 center upgrades were on Friday’s agenda as well–one for new radio-dispatch consoles and one for the installation of a “microwave network connection,” which will link the Emergency Communications Center to the tower on Muddy Creek Mountain. The overall cost of all three upgrades is $3.1 million. 

After approving the new VESTA upgrade, Commission President Tincher said consideration of the remaining two agenda items would be postponed for future consideration. 

Commissioner Rose then moved to table the remaining agenda items. After conversation with Commission President Tincher, the commissioners agreed to simply postpone action rather than tabling the agenda items. 

Tincher asked if there was any other business to come before the commission, and Rose then made another motion, saying, “I also move that we recess this meeting so that we can come back once we get some clarification on a few items…and meet again before our next meeting.” 

The motion was approved unanimously. The commission is in recess and will return to consideration of the other two 911 center upgrades. Informal discussion among commissioners after the meeting indicated that would likely occur on December 7 at 10am.


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