Flavor Mutt: a small-batch bakery with a big heart 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

Chef Chad Jones arrives at his bakery around 4AM to begin baking each day. In a week’s time, he uses hundreds of pounds of flour and makes more than 500 pieces of bread. 

“Last year just exploded for us,” says Chef Chad Jones. 

He and his wife, Jen, opened Flavor Mutt in Ronceverte beside The Sportsman Tavern. They served prepared food as well as baked items, in addition to providing bread for numerous local restaurants. Demand for their products grew quickly, but their goal was never to be a large-batch bakery. Their goal was to offer high-quality breads and vegetables directly from their kitchen to their customer’s kitchen tables. 

That meant they had to recalibrate Flavor Mutt. So they moved locations from Ronceverte to Fairlea, where they bake breads for local restaurants Monday-Wednesday and bake their fan-favorites breads and foods for retail customers Thursday-Saturday. 

“We’ve really hit our stride as a small-batch bakery,” Chad reflects. “I love baking bread, pulling it out of the oven, and handing it directly to our friends.” 

Over the last few months, Flavor Mutt was closed while they recalibrated and remodeled their new space (located across from the WV State Fair and beside Swift Level Fine Meats on Rt 219 South in Fairlea). 

“I missed our friends!” Jen says with a smile. “It’s been so nice to reopen and give everybody hugs.” 

“She’s really good at making people feel welcome,” Chad says of his wife. “Then I can come behind her hospitality with a plate of good food.”

“I consider all of our customers friends,” Jen says. “It’s really a beautiful thing to be a part of this community and see my big, extended family everyday. 

Flavor Mutt’s extended family includes local and traveling customers. “There’s a really great local core,” Jen shares. “Plus a lot of osteopathic school students, surrounding counties, and even tourists who visit us all the time.” 

“There’s a lot of places to get bread,” Chad says. “We’re grateful they choose us.” 

Chad and Jen hope the new space will make them more accessible and also allow them to pursue new passions in the future. 

“It’s gone really, really well,” Jen adds. “The space fits us. We have expanded our menu, plan to have an herb garden, and just love our porch swing.” 

Flavor Mutt is open to retail customers Thursday-Saturday from 9am-2pm. They serve lunch from 11am-2pm on those days, with specific menus each day. 

“When it’s gone, it’s gone,” Chad says. “It’s first-come, first-serve.” 

They operate a newsletter which will be “less frequent” than it has been during the recalibration, but will continue to update “friends” on their latest offerings. 

What are some of their most popular items? 

“Baba ganoush is a crowd favorite, the cookies have taken off, croissants are big sellers, the focaccia, and of course the pizza,” Jen shares. 

To give you an idea of the lengths that Chef Chad goes to in order to provide unique food items, he offers a sugar cookie made partially with cornmeal. Which is unique in and of itself, but he also hand grinds the corn meal from a local source (Deep Roots Milling) himself for every batch. 

You can find Flavor Mutt bread at local restaurants including the General Lewis Inn, Mountain Table, Stardust Cafe, Swift Level Fine Meats, Hawk Knob, and Jessie’s Market. 

For more information, visit Flavor Mutt’s website or visit them at 814 Maplewood Avenue, Lewisburg, WV. 


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