2024 Primary Election: Constitutional Offices & State Senate

By RealWV Staff,

With only one of the state’s Constitutional Officers – Agriculture Commissioner Kent Leonhardt – seeking re-election this fall, West Virginia is guaranteed to see a bevy of fresh faces. Some of those faces, however, are fresher than others.

Former Delegate Joshua Higginbotham, as well as Roy Ramey are both challenging Leonhardt for the Republican nomination, and the right to face presumptive Democratic nominee Deborah Stiles in the general, while an unopposed former Delegate and current Acting Revenue Secretary Larry Pack seems a lock to succeed Riley Moore as the next State Treasurer

In the race to be J.B. McCuskey’s successor as State Auditor – a race made far more interesting by the recent arrest of candidate Tricia Jackson for refusing to perform her duties as a Jefferson County Commissioner – four Republican hopefuls look to challenge presumptive Democratic nominee Mary Ann Roebuck Claytor in November. And that story repeats itself in the contest for Secretary of State, with the bulk of the interest stemming from former-Democratic-House-Minority-Leader-turned-Republican-candidate Doug Skaff seemingly having alienated a large block of voters in both major parties.

Last but not least is the race for Attorney General. Current State Auditor J.B. McCuskey has been the Republican frontrunner since initially declaring his candidacy, but State Senator Mike Stuart continues to nip at his heels. On the blue end of the ballot, Wheeling Attorney Teresa Toriseva and Military Veteran Richie Robb are both seeking their party’s blessing.

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In the State Senate, five of the 17 races feature incumbents running uncontested. Races to watch include Districts 9 and 13, as neither Senators David Stover and Mike Caputo are seeking re-election. However, while both district have a Republican and a Democratic challenger, all four candidates are unopposed for the respective party’s nominations. In District 10, incumbent Republican Senator Jack David Woodrum is currently one of the five uncontested candidates. However, he can expect a challenge in the general election in the form of write-in Independent candidate Lee Forbes.

However, what may become the most interesting and impactful State Senate primary is the ongoing Republican battle in District 15. Incumbent Senator Craig Blair, the current Senate President and West Virginia’s Lt. Governor, faces two very credible conservative threats in the form of former Delegate Michael Folk, and former Special Forces Green Beret Tom Willis.

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