Barnwood Builders construct Airbnb rentals in White Sulphur

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

If you were awakened by a loud sound in White Sulphur Springs last week, it wasn’t a pack of wild dogs on the loose. It was Mark Bowe, rapping a country song over the purr of a crane while personally manning the controls and dropping logs onto a frame. 

Bowe & the Barnwood Builders are building three vacation rental cabins in downtown White Sulphur Springs. Two will be finished now with one more to come later. They hope to be available this fall for guests via Airbnb. 

“We get at least 500 people from out of state that come to the store every month,” Bowe reports. Now those visitors can stay in a cabin Bowe and the builders constructed just for them.

The cabins won’t include kitchens, because Bowe wants to support the local restaurant scene which provides guests a variety of culinary options. They will include all the amenities travelers need and the Barnwood style their fans have come to love. 

“It’s a significant investment in the community we hope pays off,” Bowe says. 

Season 15 of Barnwood Builders is currently airing on the Magnolia Network and will include footage of the vacation rental cabins being constructed. If you’re lucky, the country-rapping, crane-operating, barnwood-building Mark Bowe might even sing a little ditty for you.  

Stay tuned to The Real WV for updates. 


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