This Is Us: Cousins go into the beauty business

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

Autumn Judy & Heather Webb grew up together on Teaberry Road in Ronceverte. They were cousins and good friends. They even attended beauty school at the same time. When they graduated, they decided to open a salon together…in March 2020. Just weeks before West Virginia entered a state of emergency due to COVID. After only three weeks, they were forced to suspend operations.

“But we didn’t let that stop us,” Autumn says. “We made it through beauty school together and we were going to make it through this together.” 

That’s exactly what they did. They managed the best they could, reopened their shop, and moved to  a new location on Edgar Avenue in Ronceverte in November 2020.

“We were trying to decide what to call it,” Autumn remembers with a giggle. “One option was, ‘You Get What you Get but You Don’t Pitch a Fit,’ but that seemed too long.” 

Heather says their grandmother, Betsy Dolan, gave them a sign that said This Is Us. “It just fit perfectly, so that’s what we called the shop.”

Their clientele from their previous location followed them, and today their customers include, “anyone and everyone.” 

“We do everyone from kids to ladies in their late 90s,” says Autumn. “Haircuts, waxing, nails, facials, roller sets, pedicures, men, women, everyone!”  

In addition, they make their own jewelry and sell it along with several new retail items–shirts, soaps, lotions. 

A group of ladies hold standing appointments on Fridays to have their hair done for church. Over the years, they’ve grown close. “They invited us out to lunch last week which was just so sweet,” Heather adds. “We love our clientele. We try and keep it affordable. Some drive for an hour just to come see us.”

This Is Us is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Appointments are helpful but not required. They take walk-ins when they don’t have appointments scheduled. 

Autumn & Heather are thrilled to see new businesses and increased foot traffic on Edgar Avenue with the resurgence of Ronceverte. “It’s bringing in new people who didn’t know what all we had here to offer.” 

They are both active with the Ronceverte Development Corporation, Make It Shine, and the Food Truck Festival, because they believe it’s important to work together for the good of all the downtown businesses. 

During the Food Truck Festival earlier this month, they offered “hair tinsel” as a fundraiser to support the Dolan family after they experienced a sudden loss. They plan to offer similar fundraisers for other families in the near future.

 “Our clients are our favorite part,” Autumn says. 

“You get really close,” Heather adds. “They’re like family.” 

This Is Us is located at 619 Edgar Avenue across from the train station and beside Primitive Goods. You can reach them at 304-661-5981.


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