Historic Sweet Springs Resort: From Healing Waters to Haunting Tales

By Jonathan Eggleston, for Real WV

Nestled among the beautiful Appalachian Mountains, the Sweet Springs Resort in Sweet Springs, WV, is a place that blends history, natural beauty, and spine-tingling tales of the supernatural. 

This iconic resort has witnessed a transformation over the centuries, from a renowned healing spa to a hauntingly intriguing destination that invites adventure seekers. 

A Soothing Retreat with a Storied Past:

The Sweet Springs Resort has a rich history that dates back to the early 19th century when it was founded as a mineral springs resort. Visitors flocked to this serene spot to partake in the supposedly therapeutic properties of the natural springs that flowed on the property. 

The resort became a renowned haven for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

“This image shows one of the original Springs people used for relaxation and reviving. Although in ruins now,  this place was once thriving with wealthy visitors.”

One of the most captivating things about the Sweet Springs Resort’s history is the presence of the oldest jail east of the Mississippi River, a stone building with a haunting story of its own. 

Legend has it that this jail was haunted by a mischievous milk thief named Jack, whose ghostly presence is said to linger within its walls to this day.

From Healing Waters to Haunting Whispers

While the resort’s healing waters have long since ceased to heal anyone, its reputation as a haunted destination has only grown stronger. Many visitors and paranormal enthusiasts claim to have experienced eerie encounters within the old corridors,  adding to the mystique surrounding the property. It is these spine-tingling tales that have turned Sweet Springs Resort into a must-visit location this Halloween season. 

Sweet Springs Resort Today: A Park of the Paranormal

Today, Sweet Springs Resort has been designated as a park, preserving its historic charm while embracing its haunted legacy.  The park offers haunted ghost tours each year, allowing the brave-hearted to venture into the halls of the resort and the eerie old jail, where they may just encounter the lingering spirit of Jack.

“Would you camp next to the oldest haunted jail on the east coast? I don’t think I would want to! 

These tours have become a popular attraction for those seeking a dose of history and a dash of the supernatural.

For anyone looking to create their own memorable experiences at the Sweet Springs Resort, the owners welcome interested parties to book the resort for concerts, events, or parties. 

This unique opportunity allows people to immerse themselves in the resort’s historic atmosphere while celebrating their special occasions among its storied surroundings. To arrange such events, interested parties can contact the organizers directly using the social media link below.

Capturing the Beauty Above

For those with a passion for photography, Sweet Springs Resort holds a special charm. Its serene location, away from the light pollution of urban areas, provides an ideal backdrop for photographing celestial wonders like the Milky Way. Many photographers, (including my pal Dave Green) have been drawn to the resort on multiple occasions to capture the awe-inspiring night skies above.

Sweet Springs Resort also offers breathtaking vistas of the surrounding mountains, making it a prime spot for witnessing stunning sunsets that paint the sky in hues of orange, pink, and purple.

As Sweet Springs Resort continues to blend its historical past with its ghostly reputation, it remains a unique destination that invites visitors to explore its haunted history, capture the beauty of the cosmos, and immerse themselves in the mystique of this West Virginian gem. 

Whether you seek tranquility, adventure, or both, Sweet Springs Resort has a story to tell, waiting for those who dare to listen.

This awesome image was taken by photographer Dave Green during the recent, “Fling in the Springs” festival where vendors had a few very interesting tables set up. Dave managed to capture the rising milkyway over the spooky scene! Wow! 

Big shout out to Dave Green for allowing me to showcase a few more of his awesome photos!  Make sure you guys check his page out.  He does outstanding nightscape images of iconic locations in WV.

Also,  another big shout out to the “Sweet Springs Resort Parks” for trying your best to preserve this amazing historical place and everything you guys do! Check out their social media to follow along with what they have going on throughout the year. 


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