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Nicholas County High School staying put, Glade Creek site will be home of new PreK-8 school

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

With $97 million in Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funds remaining and a bid of more than $148 million to build Summersville Middle School, Nicholas County High School, and the Nicholas County Career Technical Center at the Glade Creek site just outside Summersville, the Nicholas County Board of Education faced a quandry.

According to Board President Chip Perrine, FEMA told the board they couldn’t get any more money, and they couldn’t change the Glade Creek location. But FEMA allowed the board to submit new proposals as to how they could spend their remaining money to build new schools without going over budget. 

Perrine described the three proposals they submitted in June. 

Option 1 was to build a Prek-5th grade school to house Summersville, Birch River, and Glade Creek elementary schools in a new building at the Glade Creek site. It would also include a separate, new building for Summersville Middle School. 

Option 2 was to build a new Summersville Middle School on the Glade Creek site. 

Option 3 was to move Summersville Elementary to the current Nicholas County High School, build a new Summersville Middle and Nicholas County High School, and keep the Career and Technical Center in Craigsville. 

At a board meeting yesterday morning, they decided unanimously to go with Option 1. That entails building a Kindergarten through 8th grade school at Glade Creek. It will be one campus with two schools under a single roof–one school for the K-5 elementary students and one school for the 6-8 middle school students. The board believes they can accomplish this without going over their $97 million budget.

As a result of this decision, Nicholas County High School will remain in the current building and the Career & Technical Center will remain in Craigsville.

Students at Summersville, Birch River, and Glade Creek Elementary schools will all move to the new elementary school upon completion.

Perrine anticipates beginning construction this spring. It will take around 18 months to build.

Late last year, the board also approved a $42.5 million bid to build a single school in Richwood for elementary, middle, and high school students by renovating and expanding the existing Cherry River Elementary.


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