Amy’s Market: Come for the food, stay for a sweet

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

After 24 years in the industry, including 14 years as an executive pastry chef, Amy Mills was ready for a change. 

“I didn’t get to interact with customers directly, so I never got to actually see if they enjoyed what I made for them,” she says. “So I decided to open my own shop in downtown Lewisburg.” 

That was in 2016, and Amy kept her job as an Executive Pastry Chef for the first year while also running “Amy’s Cakes & Cones” on Court Street. 

“I was working 120 hours a week doing both jobs that first year,” she remembers. “But I wanted to make sure it could work.” 

Amy’s sweet treats took off immediately in the acclaimed downtown Lewisburg food scene. “Cake decorating was our most popular order back then,” she reflects. But she quickly outgrew that space due to demand for an ever-increasing pastry menu…plus she began offering food. 

“We needed more space to serve our customers,” she adds. “So we moved to our current location during COVID in 2020. It was scary as heck, I took a big leap. But it has worked out. We actually increased our volume and business during the pandemic.” 

That trend has continued over the last few years, with her lunch menu now being even more popular than her beloved sweet treats. 

What can you compare it to? It reminds folks of a local Cheesecake Factory–eclectic menu, fresh food, and out-of-this-world sweet treats.

“We’ve been blessed,” she says. “We have great parking, more space, and can serve more food here. I’ve been able to use my culinary degree as well since we offer breakfast and lunch in addition to pies and cakes.”

The name changed from “Amy’s Cakes & Cones” to “Amy’s Market” when she arrived at the new location in Montwell Park. The new name reflects an expanded menu and the inclusion of an indoor farmer’s market which contains. 

“Our farmer’s market is probably 95% items from West Virginia,” she says. “Lots of locals comes in to buy eggs and greens. We also sell a lot of jams and jellies and coffee (from Cherry River Roasting Company in Nicholas County). TL Fruits & Vegetables here in Greenbrier County is our biggest supplier of produce.” 

In addition to the market, which is open at all times the restaurant is, the expanded menu keeps customers coming back from breakfast to lunch to dessert. 

“The chicken salad croissant is our most popular item,” she shares. “Followed by the turkey club. We roast our own turkey, it’s not deli meat.”

The menu of soups, salads, and sandwiches has something for everyone. Amy tries to offer a high quality, affordable menu for customers. 

Photo by RealWV.

“It’s all local, all fresh. People thank us for keeping it affordable while also making it high quality.” 

After lunch, Amy’s usually has a short break before the dessert crowd starts coming in the door looking for cake pops, cupcakes, brownies, chocolate covered pretzels, and cookies. 

Not to mention…ice cream. You can get ice cream by itself, in a sundae, or with a warm cookie! 

What is Amy’s favorite? 

“Well, my go-to is bread and cheese,” she confesses. “But my favorite sweet is…the banana split. You just can’t beat it.” 

Photo by RealWV.

Amy is aided by a staff of 11, including her daughters. In the summer, they expand to 14 employees. 

“I just turned 50,” she says. “It’s a creative crew we have here, and we have so much fun. We don’t ever get bored, and that’s a blessing.” 

Visit Amy’s Market Tuesday-Saturday from 8am-6pm. Come summer, they will expand their hours until 8pm. They are located at 990 Jefferson Street North in downtown Lewisburg, beside Hill & Holler in Montwell Commons. For more information, visit their Facebook page

Amy Mills opened her own culinary business in 2016 after 24 years as an executive pastry chef. She loves serving customers face-to-face each day at Amy’s Market, which offers breakfast, lunch, and the most unique sweet treats you will find. Photo by RealWV.

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