Aaron Evans

“Every kid does stupid things, but they don’t need to be hammered for every stupid thing they do. They need to be held accountable, but not defeated.”

That’s the mantra that Nicholas County Teen Court Program Director Aaron Evans lives by.

As a lifelong law enforcement professional – including both a decade spent with the Nicholas County Sheriff’s Department, as well as his other current position as the county’s juvenile probation officer – Evans is a firm believer in the concept of early-intervention when it comes to troubled kids. And through his involvement with Teen Court, Evans is providing many of those troubled kids the second chance they so often need.

As explained on wvteencourt.org, “Teen Court is a unique ‘second chance’ justice program for youth between the ages of 11 and 18 who are alleged to have committed a status offense or an act of delinquency which would be a misdemeanor if committed by an adult. Upon successful completion of the program charges against the defendant are dismissed.”

Nicholas is one of 17 counties in West Virginia currently offering a Teen Court program, a number which Evans hopes will continue to grow. 

As Evans explains it, “Right now, the teen court program gives kids a second chance to do the right thing. Not every kid deserves a big fine. And sometimes the fines can be detrimental to a family. Sometimes it’s that second chance – and just knowing that there are people in their community who believe in them and support them – that can really make all the difference in a kid’s life.”

For his dedication to the future of West Virginia, and for being a friend to so many young people when they need a friend the most, RealWV is proud to name Aaron Evans as the certified Real West Virginia of the Week.

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