Emily Shirey & Martha Snider

Last week, 150 kids descended upon the Greenbrier State Forest for Greenbrier Scout Day Camp. The co-ed camp has a rich history going back several decades, thanks largely to the consistent leadership of Emily Shirey and Martha Snider.

Emily has served as director for 29 years, and Martha has been her co-director for 25 years. Next year will be their last leading the camp, which they believe is so successful because, “It allows kids to be kids…and how often do kids get to play in the woods these days?”

Emily and Martha spend six months planning the camp each year, along with support from Hannah Morningstar-Stout, Robert Cox, and an army of volunteers. (Watch for a full story on the camp coming soon to RealWV.)

For their selfless leadership of a day camp which has positively shaped the lives of thousands of children and trained multiple generations of new community leaders, we are proud to name Emily Shirey and Martha Snider as the certified Real West Virginians of the Week.

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