John “Some Kind of Wonderful” Ellison at Big Draft, free show Saturday

Born August 11, 1941, into an impoverished family in a small coal mining town in West Virginia, a young John Ellison started on a difficult career path as a musician experiencing tremendous hardship and violent racism.

In the mid-1960s, Ellison traveled to Rochester, New York, where he founded Soul Brothers Six. in 1967, John Ellison wrote what would become one of the most famous songs in the history of popular music – Some Kind of Wonderful, a song that not only conquered the whole world, but also mirrors the musical talent of John and the story of his remarkable live.

​In 1987, the book Sweet Soul Music named the Soul Brothers Six as a major influence on the sound of modern music. Not only has the trademark bass line in “Some Kind of Wonderful” been utilized by countless other artists for a variety of different songs, but the song has also earned a spot in music history. More than 70 different artists (Grand Funk Railroad, Buddy Guy, Joss Stone, Conway Twitty, Huey Lewis & the News etc.) have recorded “Some Kind of Wonderful,” making it one of the most recorded songs in the history of music. Here you have a list of all the artists that has covered this timeless classic: SecondHandSongs.

​In the United Kingdom, the ballad “I’ll Be Loving You” is a popular soul gem, the song “Funky, Funky Way of Making Love” was featured in the movie Lovelace, and Latimore recorded “You Can Count on Me”. After Soul Brother Six John has been releasing several solo albums and has performed regularly throughout Europe, Asia and North America. John has received five live time achievements awards from BMI (in 1995 for writing the third-most played song in the world), was inducted in the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame (2015) and received a lifetime musical achievement award in Canada (2010). In 2012 Ellison released his autobiography, Some Kind of Wonderful: The John Ellison Story. In 2020 John releases the awareness single “Wake-Up Call (Black Like Me)” with good reviews in e.g., Rolling Stone and Forbes Magazine. The song was nominated “Song of the Year 2021” by Pop Awards.

​John Ellison impresses with his music and voice and is one of the few remaining soul and blues legends that have made an essential contribution to the development of blues, gospel, soul and funk music in a time of great social change. Together with his amazing Soul Brothers Soul orchestra John is delivering a stunning live show with all his classics and more – John Ellison live is Some Kind of Wonderful!

You can catch him at Big Draft Brewing, located in downtown White Sulphur Springs, tonight. The show is free and begins at 7pm.


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