Susan Lyons

Susan Lyons is one of those rare people who is quietly responsible for keeping the world turning. She is a wife, mother of three boys, counselor, and leader of a faith-based recovery ministry called Free Indeed Ministries. She has locations in White Sulphur Springs and Rupert. Free Indeed provides small groups for people suffering with addiction, pain, grief, and more.

Susan enjoys playing music, serving in the children’s ministry at her church, and organizing a mom’s group in her (limited) free time.

The person nominating Susan says, “Her heart is the kindest of anyone I have ever met. She will drop everything to help anyone in need with a kind word, a hug, a smile, or whatever they may need.”

For her kind heart which has blossomed into an important community service, we are proud to name Susan Lyons the certified Real West Virginian of the Week.

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