Family relocates from Idaho to ‘Hunkerdown’ in Sinks Grove 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

“There’s no fast food or stop lights in Monroe County,” says Guy McAninch. “That’s exactly what we were looking for to raise our kids.” 

Guy and his wife Tammy were living in Idaho on a small farm. But as the suburbs grew closer, they knew it was time for a change. “Our small town was becoming a city,” he recalls. “We really got homesick for the beauty of Appalachia.” 

So they packed up their four kids, from ages 4-12, and moved east back to their Appalachian roots. Their search for a quiet, small town life led them to Sinks Grove in Monroe County. With a population less than 1,000. Which was exactly what they had in mind. 

When Guy flew to West Virginia to visit the farm he was interested in, four neighbors came over to say hello. “That’s how it was where I grew up in Pennsylvania,” he says. “Everybody waves at everybody. We love it!” 

The Hunkerdown

Owned by the Christie family, the old town general store in Sinks Grove has been refurbished into a coffee shop and cafe by the McAninch family. Photo by RealWV.

Guy is a chiropractor and needed a space for his medical office. He and Tammy loved the old general store building in town from the moment they arrived, dreaming about what they could do with it if the right opportunity came along. 

“Then one day I drove by and noticed a fella working on it,” he says. “I slammed on the brakes and went to talk to him.” That’s how The Hunkerdown was born. 

It’s a coffee shop that will also serve prepared food from 7am-4pm Wednesday through Saturday. 

They serve Mountain Table Coffee, which is roasted locally in Renick, WV. “Fair trade, organic, and local,” Guy adds. “We want to support as many of our fellow West Virginia small businesses as possible.”

For breakfast each day, you can get quiche, breakfast biscuits, and baked goods to go along with your coffee. Baked goods include cinnamon rolls, cookies, muffins, scones, cake, and bagels. 

For lunch, Tammy will make homemade soup daily to pair with her homemade sourdough bread. Kids can enjoy a peanut butter & jelly or a ham and cheese sandwich. On Saturdays, guests will be treated to biscuits and gravy for breakfast and pizza later in the day. 

Guy asks the community for patience as they roll out the menu and offerings. They plan to do biscuits and gravy this weekend, for example, but won’t begin serving pizza quite yet. “It might be hectic! We don’t have all the bugs worked out yet.” 

Their vision is to offer healthy food options in Monroe County. Tammy suffered with digestive issues, which led them to learn about the importance of a healthy diet. “Processed wheat has a detrimental affect on the body,” Guy says. “I’m not going to skimp on the food quality. I want to increase the health of my own family and my community. So we try to provide nutritious, organic, local products.”

Opening day at The Hunkerdown was Wednesday, and Tammy says business was brisk. “We were really busy. It’s really been awesome to see the community show up for us.” 

‘A community space’

The McAninch family doesn’t intend to generate income from The Hunkerdown so much as they intend to provide a community space where people can put down their phones and interact with each socially. 

“I see guys pulled over on the side of the road talking from their trucks,” Guy says. “We need more community spaces. We will have games and food and a place people can come to get together as a community.” 

Sinks Grove Chiropractic will also be located in the same building and open to patients Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12-8pm. For more information on The Hunkerdown, visit:

Guy McAninch visits with customers Michelle McFall and Sonya Fullen who came to opening day at The Hunkerdown representing the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce. Photo by RealWV.

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