Jeanie Cales-Gunter

If it’s going on in Summers County, Jeanie Cales-Gunter is somehow involved. A long-time community champion, Jeanie is always lending a helping land in her beloved home among the hills.

She’s a loving mom, grandmother, sister, great grandmother, teacher and friend. As her nomination read, “You will never be forgotten or left out when you’re part of her life. Feeling down? Check your mailbox, you best bet she sent you a pick me up. Feeling sick? She will bring you over some homemade dinner. Need help of any sort? Jeanie will either help herself or make it happen. She is truly a blessing to our community.”

For her devoted service to the community at large, particularly via the Summers County Senior Center, we are proud to name Jeanie Cales-Gunter as the certified Real West Virginian of the Week.

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