Exploring History & Nature at Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park

By Jonathan Eggleston, RealWV As the winter chill begins to release its grip, I find myself venturing back into the heart of West Virginia, ready to resume my weekly exploration for the Real WV!  And what better way to kick off this season’s adventures than by visiting the historic Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park. Perched […]

The Magic of Winter in West Virginia

By Jonathan Eggleston, RealWV  As winter struggles to blanket our surroundings in a soft, serene white, I find myself captivated by the flood of nostalgia that comes with the gentle fall of snowflakes. In a world racing at an ever-quickening pace, the simple joy of childhood memories floods back with each falling flake, transporting me […]

Tourism Day recognizes WV as a ‘top-tier travel destination’

By Jonathan Eggleston, RealWV In a celebration of our state’s rich cultural heritage and scenic wonders, West Virginia Tourism Day took center stage at the Capitol in Charleston on Monday. This annual event aims to showcase the diverse attractions that make the Mountain State a unique destination for travelers. WV Tourism Day is a vibrant […]

The Geminids Meteor Shower of 2023 did not disappoint!

By Jonathan Eggleston for RealWV, The Geminids meteor shower, an annual cosmic spectacle, illuminated the night skies with its dazzling display during its peak on December 13 &14, 2023. This meteor shower, renowned for its breathtaking performance, originates not from the typical comet source but from an asteroid known as 3200 Phaethon. This unusual pairing […]

A morning odyssey along West Virginia’s scenic highway 

By Jonathan Eggleston for Real WV,  In the early morning light during peak Autumn foliage, I embarked on an unforgettable journey along the Scenic Highway located in Pocahontas County West Virginia, (a road winding through West Virginia’s back country).  The Highway is a paved two-lane road, designated as State Routes 39 and 150. Route 150 […]

Fall in W.Va. will take your breath away

By Jonathan Eggleston for RealWV  As an avid nature enthusiast and photographer, I recently found myself once again immersed in the breathtaking tapestry of fall colors that West Virginia has to offer.  Yes, I’ve shared a story and photos of this remarkable season already, but this year has been nothing short of extraordinary. So, I […]

Get lost in a W.Va. corn maze this fall

By Jonathan Eggleston for RealWV Living just across the street from the Hanna Farmstead’s new location on Hillsdale Rd., I couldn’t resist the opportunity to see what this picturesque farm had in store for its visitors. With the promise of pumpkins, mazes, and more, my curiosity was piqued. Owners Alex and Jade Hanna have transformed […]

Historic Sweet Springs Resort: From Healing Waters to Haunting Tales

By Jonathan Eggleston, for Real WV Nestled among the beautiful Appalachian Mountains, the Sweet Springs Resort in Sweet Springs, WV, is a place that blends history, natural beauty, and spine-tingling tales of the supernatural.  This iconic resort has witnessed a transformation over the centuries, from a renowned healing spa to a hauntingly intriguing destination that […]

The Secrets of Roadside Photography

By Jonathan Eggleston for RealWV, As a professional photographer, I have often marveled at the irony that surrounds my life. What started as a passion has transformed into a bustling career, one that has allowed me to capture the world through my lens. But with this journey, I’ve discovered that the busyness of my profession […]

Babcock: The Glade Creek Grist Mill

By Jonathan Eggleston, for RealWV Nestled within the landscapes of West Virginia lies a natural wonder that has captured the hearts and lenses of photographers from near and far.  Babcock State Park, renowned for its stunning vistas, serene waterfalls, and charming gristmill, has etched its place as one of the most iconic and photographed destinations […]