A new face in cybersecurity, Myles Satterfield

By Black by God

The U.S. Labor Department says African Americans make up a scant 3% of infosec analysts in the U.S. today, while the cybersecurity industry complains about a persistent talent shortage.

Meet Myles Satterfield, a Marshall University Grad, Cyber Security Analyst with a growing international digital protection company, Expel, and part of the talented 3% thriving in the industry.

What brought you into the security space?

Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated with computers. Anytime I could get my hands on one I would spend hours messing around on it if I didn’t decide to take it apart. I can remember walking through the neighborhood and seeing password-protected WiFi networks, wondering if there was a way to bypass the security to get some internet access. I gained some #coding experience through camps and high school, so I decided to go to college for #computerscience at Marshal University. I eventually switched my major to Digital Forensics and Information Assurance and that is where I formally got introduced to the field.

What is your role now at Expel?

I lead the Global Response team, which is a team of senior and principal analysts that handles critical response operations for Expel. Our #SOC helps our customers get a grip on their enterprise and cloud environments 24/7. We have the constant opportunity to chase down attackers and observe new tactics and techniques. Not only does this lead to world-class response for our customers, but we are able to share the knowledge across the broader team to strengthen everyone’s skills.

What do you love most about working in/leading a SOC, and the team at Expel?

I am thankful to have the opportunity to work on a high-performing team and solve challenging problems. Every member of the team is dedicated to working together and providing the highest level of service. Being able to develop processes that drive business and provide that world-class service to our customers while helping individuals reach their career goals is an extremely rewarding experience. We have a great culture that prioritizes learning and taking care of our customers. Expel as a whole has put a lot of time in creating an environment and culture that is important to everyone.

What do you enjoy doing with your time outside of work?

One of my favorite pastimes is digging through the crates at old record stores for vinyls. I love that I am able to combine my passion for computers with my love for music and audio production. I also enjoy traveling and spending time with my family in West Virginia.

Because cyber security allows for remote working, Myles is currently located in Los Angeles, California, while keeping his roots in West Virginia. If he’s not working with Expel, or traveling, he is in the Forever The Family Studio.


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