Road Hogs is now a 24/7 diner 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

In a shift from previous seasons, Road Hogs BBQ reopened this spring as Road Hogs Diner. Located in downtown White Sulphur Springs, they are now open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

“People told us they wanted breakfast, they wanted cheaper food options, and they wanted a place to eat late at night,” says Clay Elkins, co-owner of Cross Creek Hospitality (which includes Road Hogs). “There was nowhere to get a hot breakfast in town, and even the fast food places closed by 9pm at the latest.”

Clay says their guests spoke loud and clear. “This is what they wanted, so we’re doing it. And so far, it’s gone better than expected.” 

The new menu is simplified. “We’re going for quick, affordable food,” offers Clay. 

Items include breakfast, burgers, pork BBQ, fried chicken, hand cut fries, hot dogs, and sides including collard greens. They also have a homemade dessert each day. Examples include peach cobbler, pecan pie, and chocolate cake. 

“Right now people drive to Covington for fried chicken,” Clay says. “We used to offer it occasionally at Road Hogs BBQ, but we really weren’t set up for it in the kitchen. Now, we are, and we are offering it 24/7.” He says people are giving it rave reviews so far. 

All meals are prepared in to-go boxes, whether you take the food to-go or dine in. According to Clay, that is all part of the diner model. “We want to make it quick and easy for folks wherever possible.” 

Part of the reason for going to a 24/7 “diner” model was to honor the history of the restaurant. Bone’s Diner operated as a 24/7 diner for years, feeding employees of The Greenbrier before and after their shifts. 

“We absolutely wanted to honor the history of the restaurant being a 24/7 diner,” responds Clay. “A lot of people wanted that and miss that. It played a big role in our decision.” 

Road Hogs Diner is part of Cross Creek Hospitality. The local ownership group of Clay Elkins, Dave Bostic, and J.W. Groseclose also operates Big Draft Brewing, located next door. 

“We’re going for the total package,” Clay says. “We want to offer a little something for everyone.” 

Their next step is opening an arcade and bar in the front space of Big Draft, previously the site of Cross Creek Cafe. 

“It’s all community-driven,” Clay concludes. “We are listening to our guests and appreciate their support.”


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